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The SPARK PLUG TESTING KIT is the essential diagnostic tool in determining why a petrol engine (car, motorcycle, lawn mower, chainsaw, outboard etc) has starting issues.

The SPARK PLUG TESTING KIT consists of three (3) components:

1. Protective Safety Dome (with embedded earth washer): allows for the spark plug to be removed from the engine and confined away from any potential fuel/air mixture which could cause an explosion. Allowing the user to safely view / diagnose the strength of the actual spark on the spark plug in a safe environment...essential in accurately diagnosing the fault.

2. Decompression Earth Unit: screws into the cylinder head to give a solid grounding so as to eliminate the potential for electric shock. At the same preventing debris from entering the engine which could cause serious damage. As well allowing for decompression of the cylinder chamber so the engine can be easily turned over.

3. Fully Insulated Extension Lead: allows the user to remotely and accurately view / diagnose the spark on the spark plug without the potential for electric shock.

Made to last from high grade and durable materials e.g poly-carbonate, aluminium, brass, copper and rubber.

Uses no bulbs, fuses, batteries or electronics to falter and give a false reading.

The SPARK PLUG TESTING KIT is industry best safety practices and our contribution to safety and accuracy in the workplace!

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